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Bolt Fitness is located on the 3rd floor of the Summit Centre Facility located at 3600 Townline Rd in Abbotsford, BC.    Entry into the facility can be done via elevator from the 1st and 2nd floor or via stairs from the 2nd floor facility entrance.  Our facility consists of 2 squash courts, 1 gymnasium, a women’s only area, a functional/turf area on top of our main fitness area.

Our current hours of operation are from 6am-10pm Mon-Fri and 7am-9pm on Sat and Sun.   Due to the variety of different training rooms within our facility Bolt has created a maximum facility capacity of 50 people max (based on current guidelines set forth by the Provincial Health Officer)

Bolt Fitness offers a variety of health and fitness group activities including squash, racquetball, basketball, spin classes, team training and small group training.  Our gymnasium and team training areas have been sectioned off into exercise spaces which gives participants 6ft+ to exercise without coming with in 6ft of other participants.


Upon entry into the class all participants and guests are required to check in with the class instructor.  At which time their contact information and entry time is recorded.  Temperature checks are also being taken at that time to ensure that no one enters the class whom is sick.


Using a non-contact digital infrared thermometer the instructor checks each member’s temperature, prior to them entering the gymnasium. The instructor’s temperature is also checked prior to each class.

Signage is posted throughout the facility warning members not to enter if they are feeling sick or showing any signs of Covid-19 related symptoms.


Clear pathways are marked throughout the facility to encourage proper flow of members in order to prevent and reduce the amount of contact within a 6ft radius of each other.  Signage is posted on both entries of stairwells, hallways and doors reminding members to ensure they wait for each other to avoid close contact of the other person.

Class participants are assigned designated squares to which they are required to go to upon entry into the gymnasium.


Our facility has signage posted throughout to ensure staff and members follow the physical distancing guidelines.  Signage is also posted on the floor in areas of high traffic (including changerooms) to show members required space to give each other.

Our facility has also kept 50% of our machines out of operation to ensure that enough space is kept between equipment to prevent spreading of Covid-19.

Super Sets, machine jumping and partner training is no longer allowed at our facility, and members are encouraged to stay on their machine until they are finished using it.


Bolt Fitness has dedicated staff to monitor facility cleanliness, ensure signage is posted, and to clean and sanitize the entire facility on a regular basis.

During peak times Bolt Fitness will close for 30min every 2 hours to perform a deep clean, fog equipment and ensure all machines have been disinfected.

Sanitizer and cleaning product is listed in the Covid-19 safety plan.


Areas of high transmission, group exercise, group training, pool, saunas and steamrooms have been temporarily shutdown due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Members are encouraged to leave their bags and gym supplies in the locker room to reduce the amount of bags, gloves and other surfaces that could potentially be used as virus transfer points.

Gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies are located at tables throughout the facility to ensure members are not having to search for cleaning product and that it is readily available in all areas of the gym.


Staff are required to wear masks in all common areas of the facility, including staffroom, bathrooms, and front desk.  Members are required to use masks while in the facility.


Staff are required to wear masks when they are in the facility common area.  Staff are also required to take a health screening and physically mark down that it was taken.  Bolt Fitness has monthly safety meetings to ensure that business is following all the guidelines set forth by WorkSafeBC and the Fraser Health Authority.  Staff are encouraged to come up with ideas to create a safer work environment and to be record any issues of member concerns with regards to safety, policy and procedure.

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We are an all-inclusive private fitness facility centrally located in the Fraser Valley. Our mission is to inspire, assist and motivate our club members to achieve their goals and, above all else, improve their health and overall wellbeing. Not only do we provide you with optimum fitness equipment and specialty areas, it is also important for us to create a community in which everyone involved can flourish and be the best versions of themselves they can be.

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